Monday, June 29, 2009

gardasil side effects

Gardasil Side Effect Reports Included 28 Deaths, Group Says
According to roughly 13% of Gardasil side effects reported to its Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) describe fainting. ...
Gardasil safety continues to raise concerns
Escalating reports of Gardasil side effects and safety will continue to raise concerns. No one knows the long term outcomes of the Gardasil vaccine. ...
Gardasil Fainting Warning Upgraded
According to a posting yesterday on the FDA website, roughly 13% of Gardasil side effects reported to VAERS describe fainting. In some instances, Gardasil ...
Agency steps up vaccine effort
The CDC chronicles the way adverse events, or negative side-effects, are monitored from the Gardasil vaccine on its website. The most common side effects ...
DOCTOR IS IN: HPV vaccines, cervical cancer and you
Both Gardasil and Cervarix also have been tested for safety in thousands of people in the United States and other countries, and thus far, no serious side ...

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